Rules of Copy Trading

Updated 26th May, 2022

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The grand sum of realized Pnl in trader's history orders, ROI = sum of realized Pnl / sum of initial margin * 100%
Total PnL 2W:
The grand sum of realized Pnl in trader's recent 2 weeks history orders.
Win Rate 2W:
Number of orders with positive PnL in 2 weeks / Number of close position orders in 2 weeks
Total PnL:
The grand sum of realized Pnl in trader's history orders.
Accum Followers:
Accumulated number of followers of the trader.
Accum Transactions:
Accumulated number of followers of the trader.
*2 Weeks:Last 14 days starting yesterday, for example, it's 20th March today, 2 Weeks would be 03/06-03/19
*All above data updates every 1 hours.

Follower 's Copy Trading Setting

1)Margin mode being USDT Margin
2)Copy trading account balance ≥ 50 USD
Supported Symbols
Base Mode: Settings shared across all symbols
1): Fixed Amount:With fixed amount set, your every copy order's initial margin+fee will be equal to the fixed amount exactly, 50~500 USD supported.
2)Fixed Multiplier:Your copy order amount will be the fixed times of the trader's order.
For example, you set the Fixed Multiplier of BTC as 3, then when trader opens a position with 0.1BTC, you will follow an order with 0.3 BTC. Fixed Multiplier supports a range of 0.01~5.
3)Max Following: Your max principle (Initial margin + fee) used in one symbol, supports a range of 50~500 USD
Advance Mode: Each symbol with seperate settings
1)Fixed Amount、Fixed Multiplier and Max Following settings same as in base mode, but can be adjusted for each symbol.
2)Leverage Setting
  • Following Trader Leverage
Copy orders use same leverage as the trader's order.
  • Fixed Leverage
Copy orders use follower's own defined leverage regardless of the leverage used by the trader.
三、My Copy Orders
Avatar Setting
Update your avatar in up left corner of Account&Securuty page.
Copy Order Stats
1)Copy Trade Initial Margin:Sum of all copy order's initial margin.
2)Position Realized PnL: If a copy order profits after position closed, system will deduct a portion of the profit first for later settlement, the amount of profit left is Position Realized PnL.
A copy order's (Realized Pnl - Fee) ≤ 0 , then Position Realized PnL = Realized PnL
A copy order's (Realized Pnl - Fee) > 0 , then Position Realized PnL = Realized PnL - (Realized PnL - Fee)*Profit Share Ratio
3)Net Profit
Net Profit: After each copy position with positive PnL closed, system will deduct a portion of the profit first, when in later settlement, with negative PnL positions considered, system will then calculate the net profit to be the calculation base of profit splitting and return the over-deducted profit earlier.
Net Profit = Realized PnL - (Realized PnL - Fee)*Profit Share Ratio + returned profit.
Copy Trade
Positions opened by copy orders that's not yet closed.
History Copy Trade
Positions opened by copy orders that's closed already.

My Traders

Following: Traders that's now being followed.
History Follows: Traders that has been followed in history.
Unfollow:Unfollow a trader is supported anytime, following positions will stay followed, new traders from the unfollowed trader will not be copied.
Switch Margin Mode
Switching margin mode between cross and isolated is supported when there are no open positions under the symbol.

Trader View

Trader Application

1)Margin mode being USDT Margin;
2)Split position mode on;
3)No open orders, positions and not following any trader;
4)Over $1000 account balance;
5)Win rate over 50%;
6)Has been trading in Kine for over 7 days.
2. Application Process
Click "Apply To Become A Trader" and fill application form, mobile and email are mandatory. Kine Team will revert with result in 3 working days via email or notifications.

Start Trading

1.Supported Symbols
Only BTC,ETH,BNB and SOL supports copy trading at the moment, trade other symbols do not affect followers.
2.Condition Orders
Condition orders are supported, not visible for followers before triggered. After triggered, copy orders will be placed immediatly.
3. Partial Close
Partial or full close are supported for traders. When trader closes a position partially, followers will place a reduce only order to close the corresponding positions by same percentage.
4. Increase Position
When trader increase an open position, follower will increase or open a position as well.
5. Position and Margin Mode
1)Traders can only use split position mode.
2)Cross margin or isolated margin are supported for traders.

Copy Trading Details

1.Profit settlement data
1)History Settled Profit: Sum of settled shared profit from copy orders.
2)History Profit Sharing: Sum of received sharing profit in each settlement day.
3)Profit Sharing Details:Shared profit details from each follower.
2. Guide Trade
Traders' open positions (BTC、ETH、SOL、BNB) applicable for followers to copy.
3. History Guide Trade
The latest Traders' closed positions (BTC、ETH、SOL、BNB) applicable for followers to copy.
Followers:Followers that currently following the trader.
History Followers:Followers that has followed the trader in history.
5. Trader Info
1)Nick Name& Basic intro
Nick names and personal/strategy intro are supported for traders.
Avatars are supported for traders.

Close Guide Trade

Before closing guide trade, all positions needs to be closed. User can apply for guide trade again later when required.

Profit Sharing

1)When a follower position closes with profit, system will deduct a protion of the profit first as to be shared profit, and then at 8 AM T+1, (UTC+8), settlement will be executed base on the whole day's net profit that trader help generated for the follower.
2)Net profit considers all closed positions in the whole day, positive and negative positions. Trader will only be sharing a portion of the net profit, the over-deducted profit earlier will be returned to the follower's account after settlement.
Settlement Process:
1)After follower's positions with one trader all closed, unsettled profits will then be settled next day.
2)if there is still open positions with the follower by the time of the settlemt, then settlement will be skipped.
Profit Sharing Ratio:
10% percent of the net profit trader help generaretd for the follower will be allocated to the trader.
Settlement Time:
Clearing happens at 8 AM everyday, by 12 PM , settlement will be completed.
Related Accounts:
1)Traders will receive shared profit in their wallet account.
2)Followers' copy trading profit will be allocated to copy trading account.